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Madden NFL 18 Review 

EA Sports, through its studio EA Shark, continues to take care of its oldest saga, and this time it gives us a very solid delivery and that brings many interesting news that will surely delight both those who are bitter fans of this sport, as those who see it a bit from the barrier but decide to give the title a chance.

American football for all audiences

The game when we first started it offers three types of gameplay to choose from. We have Arcade, Simulation and Competitive mode. Arcade mode is perfect for those who want to get started in American football. It increases the rhythm of the matches, simplifies the rules and facilitates the plays so that we can make incredible passes and the parties are very attractive and high scoring.

On the other hand we have the simulation mode, which is the one we should choose if we know a little more of the ins and outs of American football. In this mode the rules will be more stringent and we will have to have many more factors in mind, such as fatigue, injuries or player statistics. Everything becomes more strategic and the skill and above all the tactical knowledge of the players will make the difference. Finally there is the competitive mode, which will be used in both the official Madden 18 competitions and in their online game modes and will be the most demanding of all.

Another important factor to take into account for the novices is the presence of a very complete tutorial. And is that Madden 18 strives to teach us to play and learn everything necessary to enjoy it. But it also strives to offer experts a deep game, in which they can unleash all their knowledge about this complex sport. Easy to play hard to master. Here lies one of its main virtues.

More madden 18 reviews and tips of how to buy xbox live card will be posted soon. Stay tuned if you are one of xbox players.